• Get Your Martial Arts Phd From An International Martial Arts College

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    January 23, 2021 /  Art

    Have you dedicated your life to learning and teaching others martial arts secrets and personal development lessons?

    Not just the physical aspect but also the mental and psychological aspects of honor, dedication, perseverance, focus, self-control, respect, etc.

    You have probably spent a lifetime on your personal development. You have overcome insurmountable hurdles on your quest to become the best Martial Artist you can be.

    You have passed the test of time. You are a shining example to your students, their families and your community.

    Because of your dedication to teaching others that you deserve to receive the highest recognition within the martial arts, a Doctorate of Philosophy in Martial Arts.

    The Martial Arts PhD is NOT an ego based award, but a public recognition of your hard work, perseverance and diligence to have a positive impact on others.

    You will receive the International Martial Arts PhD degree, based on your previous education, Martial Arts training, teachings and life experience.

    If you are a 4th Dan and/or have 20+ years studying the Martial Arts, then you may qualify.

    This is the only AUTHENTIC Martial Arts degree from an internationally recognized and approved University.

    This University is the ONLY licensed, international Martial Arts College to award these Martial Arts PhD degrees.

    You now have the opportunity to …

    Be recognized as a TRUE Martial Arts Leader. This degree is the summation for all of your training, teaching and education.

    Get instant respect from your students & their parents
    – No additional classes or testing required
    – Award is based on your training, rank and experience

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