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    In this article you will learn the finer nuances of making Dokra craft.

    How to make Dhokra art?

    The brassware images and hollow brass objects are cast using the process of lost wax or cire perdue. First the Dokra artist has to envisage the image he wants to create in his mind. For that he has to meditate hard. Once he is sure and confident that he has the full image in his mind, he will try to give concrete shape to the image he has in his mind in wax.

    That is why it is said that the essence of Dokra craft is to first give shape to the desired model or object in a soft bed of bees wax individually.

    This wax figure is encased within a hardened core of clay that is pretty close to the replica of the object that is about to be cast. Usually sufficient quantity of molten material or molten metal is poured into the clay encasing through a hole at the top.

    These layers of refractory soft material will be poured all over the model in wax and then the whole thing will be left to dry. Either the mold will be heated and dried in the furnace or it will be left in the sun to dry. Either ways, the mold will get hardened as it dries up.

    When the mold is being heated the wax in the wax model is lost or it vaporizes and melts in heat. That is why it is called the lost wax technique. During the process of heating up, the wax that gets burnt out or lost was placed between the mold and the core.

    When the wax vanishes, the molten metal flows down the wax channels and takes the place of the lost wax. This molten metal will get hardened while staying between the molds inner surface and the core.

    The wax models negative impression is captured in all its details in the molds inner surface. The hollow interior of the figurine is produced by the hollow core. When the whole thing is fired, the mold and the hard core turn soft and spongy and the Dokra artist can then easily remove them.

    The finished Dokra/Dhokra product is given a final round of good polishing, expressive features are added and its smoothed down to increase the beauty and luster.

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    By Beverly Pereira Photography: Courtesy Tarun Tahiliani & The Singh Twins

    Tarun Tahiliani’s Spring Summer 15 collection showcased at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015 features motifs, imagery and colours inspired by the celebrated art of the British-Indian Singh Twins…

    Fashion and Art are not exactly strange bedfellows. Think Andy Warhol’s portrait of Yves Saint Lauren or Warhol’s iconic flowers that played muse to Prada’s Spring 2013 collection. More recently and closer to home, Tarun Tahiliani has collaborated with the internationally acclaimed Singh Twins, whose works of art play muse to his Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer -15 collection.

    The London-born, Liverpool-based Singh Twins, Amrit and Rabindra, describe their work as -past modern’ as opposed to Post Modern, portraying their Indian and British identities through the application of eastern and western aesthetics. Using motifs that represent British Asian life, cityscapes and pop culture, their work is tinged with the personal and the political and can be viewed as a social commentary with tongue-in-cheek humour.

    Hugely inspired by this melange, the designer launched a ready-to-wear fashion line at the Wills India Fashion 2014 in Delhi as an ode to the Singh Twins’ art. He has now crafted garments for the Mumbai Lakme Fashion Week that bring to life the Twins’ well-received Indian miniature paintings, detailed black and white drawings and digital mixed medium art that explores an exclusive relationship with their home city of Liverpool.

    Tarun, himself, is known to skilfully blend the modern and the traditional and augmenting this with the Twins’ affinity for reviving the age-old technique of miniature painting and the juxtaposition of modern iconography has led to a range of digitally printed separates – kaftans, jewel tees, dhoti skirts, lungi skirts, leggings and dresses etc. Some colour palettes and elements have been creatively reworked by the designer to harmonise with the collection. The twins’ Wheel of Fortune has been incorporated as a whole on to a Tahiliani kurta, while decorative motifs from their black and white Aquarius have been reassembled and colourised within the design of another outfit. Silk kaftans, much like a vast canvas, allow the twins’ paintings to come through beautifully. Saris are rife with colours, featuring borders that carry Persian motifs borrowed from their paintings.

    His menswear also features text vignettes, stylised clouds and waves, borders and decorative motifs from several of the twins’ works, offering fashion lovers an artistic take-away, proving yet again that the art and fashion are strong counter-influencers! click here to view images from the collection on indiaartndesign.com

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    New York City-home of art and music is one place in the world where anyone can get lost in the beautiful collection of art, history, culture and sophistication! New York City is not merely a state —it is a unique world of its own filled with inspiration and beauty for all. New York City has fabulous uncountable art galleries and marvelous art exhibitions from the worlds best museums.
    In New York City, you find all kinds of artwork: from contemporary art to traditional art, from fine art photography to paintings, prints, sculpture, glass, vintage art posters and other types of visual art. There are so many art galleries In New York City that it is quite impossible to go through all in a single go! Let us browse through some of the irresistible ones.
    Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, this museum though needs expansion but there is no doubt that it hosts the most challenging and attractive art galleries! Miguel Abreu Gallery, it continues to launch stellar shows. Some of the notable arts displayed her include Eileen Quinlan’s black-and-white abstracted still-life photographs, Blake Rayne’s Folder and shadow typography.
    Sue Scott Gallery introduces new and promising artists such as landscape painter Tom McGrath to the scene and introduced the video artist Elizabeth Subrin’s mini retrospective.
    Spanierman Gallery is the proud host of one of the best and finest American art shows and exhibitions. The gallery is applauded for its scholarship programs and is an ardent supporter of research on American art!
    The Frick Collection has exceptional art collection the world’s most celebrated Western artists, such as Constable, Goya, Manet, Monet, Rembrandt, Renoir, and Whistler. It also has fantastic collection of Italian bronzes, French porcelains, sculptures, and period furniture. Most attractive feature here is the Acoustic guide [available in six languages].
    These New York City museums host art shows that are unparallel in their collection and presentation: Museum of Modern Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, American Folk Art Museum and Caldwell Snyder Art Gallery.
    Other popular art galleries of New York City are: Lower East Side Galleries, Blackston, Collette Blanchard Gallery, Eleven Rivington, Miguel Abreu Gallery, Rachel Uffner Gallery, Simon Preston Gallery, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, Adamo Gallery , Aicon Gallery, Brooke Alexander Gallery, Deitch Projects, Diane Villani Editions ,Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, Harris Lieberman,Heller Gallery, Margarete Roeder Gallery, Martin Lawrence Galleries ,Moeller Snow Gallery, Morrison Hotel Gallery,OK Harris, The Old Print Shop, Pennington Gallery, Peter Blum Gallery, Renwick Gallery, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, Sperone Westwater and Westwood Gallery.

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    Paintings, art work, or decorations don the walls and living space in many homes around the globe. In order to display particular paintings and pieces of artwork, many people choose to use battery picture lights in order to draw attention their valued possessions. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a battery picture light is a cordless lamp that is adhered to the wall or painting in order to properly light what is hanging. These lights are intended to be subtle and simple, so as to not detract attention from what is being better lit.

    While they are not meant to be the focal point, the lights often come in a plethora of different options. Depending on the intended location, the fixtures can be attached to the wall, the picture itself or even hung from the ceiling. They can come in a number of different colors and textures designed to fit the style of the dcor in each individual home. Nevertheless, the main attraction to these fixtures is the fact that they operate without the necessity of a cord. This is both convenient and visually more satisfying.

    The general price of these items vary in accordance with the marketer. Some are purchased for as little as twelve bucks. However, as can be predicted, the quality is not as good as the more expensive counterparts and the batteries tend to run out more frequently. Though it may be surprising, some of the light fixtures can go for up to over 500 dollars for just one. Even though it is a higher amount of more money, it can be argued that you get what you pay for. These high end distributed lights can come with a brass finish and use eco friendly bulbs. The size of the light can also be expected to affect the cost of the product.

    Though it may seem like a bit of a hassle, installing the lights is a relatively simple process. The first step is to attach a bracket to either the frame of the picture or the wall. One must always make sure that the bracket is fixed into the middle of the frame. Otherwise the painting would look off center. After the bracket is properly fitted, then it easily slides into position on the wall. It is fixed so that adjusting the light in no way affects the position of the painting or poster. By also rotating the light itself, one can control the intensity of light on the artwork.

    Surprisingly enough, there is a large variety of uses for this product. They are often times used in galleries as well has people’s homes. They are even used to showcase famous works of art in museums across the globe. Of course as mentioned above, prices are most likely much higher for those used in museums. Regardless, the lamps often times benefit the ambiance used to show off cherished pieces of art. It creates a subtle difference in the perception of the pieces in numerous locations.

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    Painting the house is a usual work to create an attraction to the house. Without painting, your house will not look bright. Commercial painting Florida offers guaranteed services to the customers. They use high quality materials for doing their work. The professional in their team have many years of experience in this field. Commercial painting Florida is very dedicated in their work so, they do not waste your valuable time. They are able to decorate your interiors and exteriors to liven up the ambience. Painting services Melbourne is offered to the customers of Melbourne and in nearby suburbs. They offer services to hotels, colleges, schools, restaurants, factories and shops. Painting services Melbourne is ready to carry out your work in the desired budget and in correct time.

    They are very committed in their work to satisfy the customers and to lay a strong foundation for their service. Commercial painting Florida do not sub contract the work you offer to them. They are able to find a right coat of paint for your house. They use innovative colours to enhance the appearance of the house. Commercial painting Florida use painting that is water resistant. This makes the coating applied in the house to stay for many years. Painting services Melbourne takes up all projects whether they are small or big. They are assured to work with commitment till the end of the project. Painting services Melbourne offers an estimated cost to the customers. When you are satisfied with the price, then you can get a detailed coating from them.

    Honesty and integrity are their motto and hundreds of customers are satisfied. Commercial painting Florida offer warranty for their work. You can also give some suggestion in choosing the colour of the paint. Painting services Melbourne has very friendly professionals to take up your ideas. There are many servicing companies available in the market. You have to select the best Commercial painting Florida to make your renovating work successful. They start the project by pressure washing to give a stunning finish to the house. Painting services Melbourne repair all surface cracks and they start the work. They also give multiple coatings for the necessary areas. They also clean everything after finishing the work every day. Sign the contract with them to get the best deal and you can add value to your house with their service.

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    Follow This Elements To Know The Best Short Throw Projectors Supplier

    It will be a good idea to make sure that you have budget that will show how much you have and you are willing to use on the Short throw projectors supplier. When you are choosing a short throw projectors supplier, you will need to make sure that you choose the one that will be selling batteries that you will be able to afford. It will be a good idea to make sure that you find the best short throw projectors supplier who will be able to supply you will the products that you need. A good Short throw projectors supplier that you need to choose is the one that will have a valid license.

    The many Short throw projectors suppliers that you will get will have been in operation at different times which you will have to find out. The short throw projectors suppliers that you will be able to get will have built a reputation that you will need to find out. The many short throw projectors suppliers that you will get will have built a reputation and you will need to make sure that you find out. The best short throw projectors supplier that you need to choose is the one that will be having a good reputation.

    You will need to make sure that you research on the short throw projectors suppliers that you will get reading the reviews that each of them has. The many short throw projectors suppliers that you will be able to get are supposed to have been registered and as well given a license that will authorize them to operate. When you are choosing an Short throw projectors supplier there are a lot of them that you will get and you will have to choose the best one among them. When you are choosing the best short throw projectors supplier you will need to make sure that you choose the one that will be having a license and you will have to make sure that the license is valid at the time you are dealing with them.

    When you have the right Short throw projectors supplier there are a lot of benefits that you will be able to get which is why you need to be careful on the one you will choose. The short throw projectors suppliers that you will get will have been in operation at different times and you need to make sure that you find out how long. It will be a good idea to make sure that you have a planned budget that will show how much you are willing to spend in buying products from a short throw projectors supplier, ultra short throw projector. When you are choosing an short throw projectors supplier you will need to choose the one that will have been in operation for long, portable movie projector.

    The best short throw projectors supplier that you need to choose is the one that you friends will refer you to, short throw projectors. To make sure that you will have smooth operations in your business you will need to make sure that you have a perfectly working Short throw projectors, short throw projectors. There are a lot of people who are choosing to use the maintenance free car batteries because there are a lot of benefits that they are able to get from these batteries. You will have to make sure that you find a good short throw projectors supplier who will be able to provide you with the batteries that you need.

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    Secret Benefits Of Choosing A Jewelry Making And Craft Firm

    The only thing that is standing between you and that dream jewelry you have always thought about is the choice of jewelry making and craft firm you make. As a result of the trauma that comes in building and designing a new jewelry it is advisable to be patient about the process. It is worth noting that you can never overlook the need to hire an jewelry making and craft firm for anything and if these thoughts strike you keep reading and you should avoid them at all cost. It is enough to say that an jewelry making and craft firm is known to simplify the complex jewelry making and design projects that you have which is the more reason why they are important. It is the responsibility of the jewelry making and craft firm to send across the best jewelers for your projects and this means a more streamlined jewelry making project view this page for more. It is only when you consider hiring an jewelry making and craft firm that you might be guaranteed that there is someone who knows all your objectives for the project and you should understand how it works. The role of the jewelers begin especially when they start looking at the construction plan and they can give you suggestions on how to achieve your dream jewelry.

    If you are not hiring an jewelry making and craft firm for anything else do it because you will expect these best jewelry making designs. It is with an jewelry making and craft firm that you have the confidence of streamline making processes. In case you are choosing any jeweler understand that they have unquestionable innovation which allows them to give you the best design. It is worth noting that you should try to avoid design mistakes and that is why putting a jeweler in charge is always important. Visit here if you need to know that the has interacted with different jewelry making designs and therefore they know when there is a problem and how to avoid it. It is worth mentioning that the problem-solving skills that the Jewelers display are attributed to the kind of training they go through. The moment you trust an jewelry making and craft firm for you jewelry Building Design you are sure of saving money. In as much as it costs a lot of money to hire an jewelry making and craft firm you minimise the possibility of wasting your resources due to costly design mistakes and this explains how to hire. You cannot expect to work with an jewelry making and craft firm that does not understand how to meet with all your expectations because they utilise the most recent technologies in design. It is worth noting that the main reason why you should hire an jewelry making and craft firm is that you will get access to all the jewelry supplies and this is only because the jewelry making and craft firm can help you in outsourcing for the same.

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    Aspects To Cogitate When Picking A Habits Couching Specialist

    Picking a habits couching specialist might be challenging especially if you are new to that area. One has to make sure that they have understood all the factors and made sure that they have the right time to interview all the available habits couching specialists in the marketplace. It is essential that you get to pick the one that has modernized facilities. This means that their amenities are unique and can be delivered in the easiest form. If you area punctual person you are asked to pick the one that can be able to provide these amenities without wasting a lot of time. There are some individuals that end up disappointed mainly because they picked a habits couching specialist that they chose out of fame, therefore, they may end up disappointed in the amenities that they get. One has to make sure that they have done more research and came up with a habits couching specialist that has been in the industry for a long time and the one that is more familiar to these amenities. With this you will ever be guaranteed that they can be able to provide the right quality within a short time. There are many benefits that an individual gets after working with a top one and the one that has got world class amenities.

    You have to be in a position that you will be able to pick quality over quantity. Therefore, one is asked to make sure that they get to pick one of the top habits couching specialists in the market and they will be in a position to provide durable amenities. Looking at their track of records is yet an essential feature. This means that all their records and projects that they have been completed they have them stored. This makes it easier for clients to known what exactly to expect from a particular habits couching specialist. With this you will be able to know how your project may look like and how long it will take. It is the habits couching specialist’s responsibility to state how long they are going to take and they should as well provide a start date and a completion date. If by any chance you get to notice any sort of bad attitude in their profile, you are asked not to hesitate and terminate the contract.

    When you get to work with a habits couching specialist that works under time frame is very essential. This means that you can access these facilities at any given time be it during the day or at night. To avoid any disappointments, you have to certify that the habits couching specialist is well insured and registered. When making you selections, the insurance policy has to be one of you top factors to look into. In cases where there maybe injuries in the line of work, you should not have to cater for the injuries, therefore, to avoid any other expenses, you have to work with the one that is insured with a valid corporation.

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    Tips on Picking Weight Loss Services

    You should always keep check of your weight if you want to remain healthy at all times. Therefore, make sure you have a weight loss program that can help you maintain the right weight according to your body mass. You should also consider checking for a weight loss expert that can help you get medical assistance in the same. You are advised to search for a weight loss clinic that you can turn to for professional work. You are supposed to consider the following factors when you are looking for a weight loss clinic to help you.

    First, make sure the weight loss clinic is legit. This means that the weight loss clinic has experienced employees in the work they do. You should check if the weight loss firm is well-developed. This shows that the weight loss clinic has expert employees helping the clients they acquire. You should look for a weight loss clinic that has the best rankings in the field. This is the kind of weight loss agency that will have the most reliable weight loss work. You should take a look at the reviews that the weight loss clinic gets for the weight loss work they offer. If a weight loss clinic has the best reputation, this means that it has great services that you can benefit from.

    You should then check how easy it is to get the weight loss services that you are looking for from the agency. Make sure you check the online platform of the weight loss agency to be sure of their operations. You should on a clinic that the weight loss clinic is open in your hometown. This means that you can go to the facility of the weight loss clinic and get their services. weight loss services are very reliable if you can have a face-face talk with the weight loss clinic in person. Therefore, there must be a procedure you can follow to meet the weight loss agency that you are selecting for the job. Check for a weight loss clinic that is at least located in your area. This is the kind of weight loss agency that you can always rely on whenever you are looking for this type of service.

    You have to contact the weight loss clinic before you go to their offices for any meetings you may have with them. You are advised to call the weight loss clinic and get more details on their services. Make sure you understand the kind of charges that the weight loss clinic has for the weight loss work they do for customers. You should also use the information you get about the weight loss agency to weigh it with the others in the field. Make sure you look for a weight loss clinic that has the most reliable and affordable weight loss services. You should make use of the data that the weight loss clinic will have on its portfolio. Make sure you can get the services of the weight loss agency anytime you want.

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    Tips for Choosing an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor

    It is approximated that a good percentage of people have issues with their hearing, nose or throat. If this is your case, it is advisable to seek the help of an ear nose and throat doctor. The doctor would do the best to diagnose ad offer treatment for the issue. One thing you should note is that you should pay close attention when selecting an ENT doctor to avoid mistakes or regrets in the future. What you need to know is that ear, nose, and throat doctors are many and this means that it would not be that easy for you to make the right choice. Here are some of the factors you can consider when choosing an ear, nose, and throat doctor.

    You should consider checking your insurance policy. It is important to note that your insurance provider tends to have a network of ear, nose, and throat doctors participating in your plan and this means that you will get the services at a lower cost. Therefore, there would be a need for you to contact your insurance provider to know about the relevant services and the cost under your insurance plan. With this, you would avoid paying much for the services and this would be a good thing.

    It would be a good thing to get referrals. This means that you should consider asking your primary doctor for referrals. Moreover, if you know of a friend, family member, or colleague who has received the services of an ENT doctor before, you should go ahead and ask him or her to recommend a good doctor for the same. If you check online reviews sites, you will be able to see if there are any complains left by previous clients. Choose the one with many positive reviews.

    There would be a need for you to consider his or her area of specialty. Even though all ENT doctors are trained to handle ear, nose, and throat conditions, others may further specialize in otology, rhinology, laryngology, allergy, and others. Thus, if you have issues with allergies, there would be no need to choose a doctor who specializes in rhinology.

    Make sure that you check the credentials and experience of the ENT doctor. One way to know the credentials of the doctor is by checking online. What you should note is that a doctor who has been offering ENT services for a long tie has acquired the needed experience and you should choose him or her. Avoid anyone who joined the industry recently.

    The location of the ENT doctor should be another thing to consider. Now that you will have to drive to his or her office, it would not make sense to choose someone who is miles away. Doing this would waste your time and money, something that make you regret it. It would be easier for you to arrive at a local doctor’s office and it explains why you will have to choose from your local area. It tends to be convenient to work with a local ENT doctor than it is with the one from a different community.

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